Values & Objectives

Caring – We treat everyone with dignity and respect by caring for them.

Individuality – We meet different needs better by respecting people as individuals.

Empowering – We enrich lives by giving people choice and responsibility.

Integrity – We enable people to trust us by being open and honest.

Improving – We constantly improve by aiming for the highest standards.

Investing – We do more for people by investing wisely.

  • To promote independence and improve welfare of our service users.
  • Aim to provide a high standard of care throughout our contact with care users.
  • Aim to establish systems that promote and encourage client centred approach during healthcare provision at all times.
  • Aim to promote equal opportunities policy to both staff and clients at all times.
  • Aim to avail time to our staff so that they have a family understanding of our clients needs.
  • Aim to provide a service that enables service users to remain in their home for as long as is possible while maintaining their independence.
  • Aim to make sure all our staff are CRB checked,qualified and experienced to meet all the requirements of the Healthy and Social Care Industry in addition to meeting Service users expectations.
  • Aim to establish collaboration partnership in care between our organisation and other multidisciplinary members.
  • Aim to make sure all our policies are maintained and followed at all times as well as making sure service users are educated on their individual rights.
  • Aim to make sure all our personnel feels valued by providing a platform to improve and enhance their existing skills and qualifications while also putting the gained skill to good use on our service users.